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29 Sep 2009

Been awhile….

Author: shiloanne | Filed under: Shilo our hero

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Please take them off.... LOL

Please take them off.... LOL

Well, it has been awhile since I have updated by blog.  I should really use this to vent my day and such.. Since my last entry we finally got Shilo back to eating, not her dog food of coarse but, all the delicious things she has found exists since she was diagnosed with the “C” word. We have went to a high protien no carb diet, she doesn’t mind. All kinds of meats and veggies, who’s complaining. By the time all was said and done she weighed 83 pounds going in and when she had the staples removed she weighed in at 69. I know that some maybe even half was due to the amputation but the rest was her refusal to eat. Now that we are starting chemo it worries me a little…..  I have talked with the oncologist and we are going to give her something for nausea before the chemo and they will send me home with stuff to help her at home if needed.

Just feels we have passed one hurdle and she is getting much more like herself only to subject her to something else that may make her feel bad. I know it is for the best and as long as it doesn’t make her really really sick, we will try to push through. Otherwise her Dad and I agree that it is definately quality not quantity, the problem is having the strength to fight yourself from holding on.

She is definately one of those special kind of dogs that you find yourself lucky to find one in your lifetime. I just hope no madder how hard the road seems we will be strong enough to make the best decisions for her.

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3 Responses to “Been awhile….”

  1. jerry Says:

    OMG, in that pic she’s like “MOM! You’re embarassing me!!!”

    You two are such great pawrents to Shilo, and you’re already making the best decisions. Do your best not to think too far ahead and you’ll be OK. Unfortunately cancer is just one of those things where you take life day to day. You just can’t predict what will happen.

    As bad as cancer is, this is a good lesson to remember, because that’s really the way Dawgs live, and it’s a good way for humans to live too.

    Spoil that girl rotten, she is such a doll. Good luck!

  2. cairasue Says:

    I love the picture! You definitely should post more on here-and Shilo looks so darn photogenic!
    We felt the same way, quality being so important that we didn’t want Caira Sue to have any bad side effects from chemo. The study she is on uses inhalation chemo-much lower chance of side effects. We had already determined that if she were to get sick from it-we would pull her off the study. Lucky for all of us, she has NO side effects!
    I really hope that Shilo has the same positive response to chemo. Sounds like you are giving Shilo the best diet out there!
    Keep up with the great pix!

  3. shiloanne Says:

    Thanks for the support!! Seems even though you try to push that C word to the back of your mind, you are right she is teaching us a lesson in living. That is living each day to its fullest!!! Her Oncologist is not to impressed with any of the diets/nutrients out there for cancer, I just said well what will it hurt?? Absolutely nothing. They also seemed to want to stress the dread of it all, I said you know what I am holding out for the 15% of dogs that are cured by amputation. I am still logically doing everything necessary (ie chemo & diet) but, I am not going to dwell on the possible 1 year time bomb.

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