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1 Oct 2009

1st Chemo Treatment

Author: shiloanne | Filed under: Uncategorized

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Well Shilo had her 1st treament yesterday and so far so good.  We took her in and she didn’t even growl at the vet this time….. well not until they put that nasty thermometer where she thinks it does not belong.. She waited until they were done but when they tried to approach after that she was done… 🙂   Sad part was when we had to leave and she tried to leave with us.

The day seemed to drag as I wanted to get her back home.  By biggest fear we would pick her up like we did after the amputation. I was so worried she was going to be sick and miserable. We got back at the end of the day to pick her up and the minute she spotted us she pulled the vet tech to us faster. She was all wiggly and excited to see her mom and dad, and my heart leaped a little cause she was happy.

(I mentioned in one of the forums about our trip home, I am trying to concentrate on the good so I won’t re-hash that part of the day)  🙂

On our ride home she was sick to her tummy she was giving the I am going to barf look and so she buried her nose in the blanket and tried to sleep.  Luckly she didn’t loose her cookies and when we got home her daddy got chicken for her all cut up and ready to eat.  She of course devoured it!!

As the night progressed she started feeling a little icky just got on her (now) favorite couch (she called it) and slept most of it.  Dad stayed up with her most of the night taking her out potty cause she had runny #2’s but, she hasn’t got sick.

Today when I got home dad said she ate great but, when he gave her the nausea pill she went and laid down like she was sick again. I thought it might be the food at first but, he said it was about an hour after she ate but not too long after the pill. So tomorrow we will see how she does without the pill. She was happy and greated me at the door and that is so good to see.  I am glad she is doing so well… I hope she keeps pushing forward…

Tonight we did the bye-bye thing she loves going. We went down to the store and got some things. I don’t want her to start thinking that going bye bye means the vet….


Some pic’s……

I'm Ready!!

Did you say BYE BYE???!!


Let's GO MOM!!

Let's GO MOM!!

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4 Responses to “1st Chemo Treatment”

  1. tmayers Says:

    What a beautiful girlfriend! My dog Toby just had his left front leg amputated two weeks ago too. He is starting his first round of chemo tomorrow. What is the name of the chemo drug that she took? Toby is going to have Lomustine. Just wondering if I should expect similar side effects. The oncologist said that most dogs tolerate the drug very well and we shouldn’t see much difference. I wonder if they just tell you that so you won’t get freaked out..? Hope she feels back to normal soon…

    Big Hugs,


  2. shiloanne Says:

    Oh Thank you!! You have a handsome boy as well!!! I did read some of your blogs but can’t remember was Toby diagnosed with osteosarcoma ? They started shilo on Carboplatin every 3 weeks for 5 treatments. I know that we have to go in after 1 week and get her white cell count checked so I am expecting that she may feel worse in a couple days, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that, that is not the case. I have not heard of Lomustine.. Of course being so new to this I haven’t heard of many things….

    Keep us posted on your treatments too…. We will be sure to check out your blog as well and see how Toby is faring.

  3. jakesmom Says:

    I’m glad Shilo got through her first chemo treatment without too many problems! Hope she does well with all her chemo treatments! Keep us posted on her progress…

    I love the pictures of her… She’s a beautiful girl!!

    Jake’s Mom

  4. admin Says:

    Shilo is such a pretty girl indeed. Sh looks like she’s healing quite well!

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