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3 Oct 2009

It was a good day!!

Author: shiloanne | Filed under: Shilo our hero

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Today was a great day, almost forgot the “C” word completely. My friend came over with her big baby wolf/husky/?/? Nuck who has been buds with Shilo since she was a baby. Nuck is 11 years old and going strong. I figured today was a good day to have a doggy friend come visit. Funny though Shilo ended up on the lap of Nuck’s mom,  my friends(LJ’s) lap. It is funny she has always loved LJ and that definately has not changed. Shilo played a little and then they sang together for awhile before it was time to call it a day.


We then took Shilo to the feed store to get the chickens their food and normally she just hangs in the car. After telling the ladies in the feed store her story they invited her in for a visit and they were amazed how well she gets around. She let them get a couple pets but quickly went sniffing all the stuff in the store. She quickly found the pig ears and the lady asked if she could have one. Sure I said… They took the ear and laid it on the counter, she was going to but it into a bag to take home. Shilo had other ideas as she went to the counter on her hind legs like a mouse sniffing that counter.  So she asked if she just could give it to her and I said fine, as Shi took the pig ear she quickly went to the exit door, turned around and looked at us like I got what I wanted let’s go. I wasn’t the only one who read that look all the ladies in the store did too, and everyone busted up laughing.

It is amazing how now she draws so much more attention, then ever before. She is now a survivor and I hope that she can leave a mark on this world as Jerry has.

So in tribute to Jerry, I hope that Shilo can be a good steward in spreading education and her story as Jerry did. In amazement after a year he is still touching those doggy spirits out there, giving their parents a place to live, learn, and love life to its’ fullest.  As well as a  place to find support and comfort!! Thank you JERRY!!

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3 Responses to “It was a good day!!”

  1. admin Says:

    I hope that she can leave a mark on this world as Jerry has.

    She already has.

  2. shiloanne Says:

    Ahhh… Shilo gives you a big lick of thanks!!

  3. jakesmom Says:

    Alright! Shilo is feeling better… and becoming a star too!! She is definitely going to be leaving her mark wherever she goes!! I would have loved to see a video of Shilo and Nuck singing!!

    Jake’s Mom

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