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6 Oct 2009

She still surprises us….

Author: shiloanne | Filed under: Uncategorized

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It is truly amazing what they can do…. My husband had taken Shilo out this afternoon for her potty time and went back in for a second to grabbed his glasses to hear Shilo make a grunt noise. He ran back out and she was heading for the neighbors dog who was in our yard.

(Explanation here – The neighbor dog keeps killing our chickens, so Shilo has taken somewhat of a disliken to him.)

Anyway she chest butted him so hard that he fell, rolled, and ran back home and she nipped at his butt until he was on back on his side of the fence.  She didn’t hurt him at all, but I can’t believe she knocked him down. We never would have expected that out of her… But like is said so many times here it is us who limits them.. They still see themselves in the same light as always.    

Well tomorrow we go back to the vet and get her blood work check to see if she deeps to low on her white count. I think it is going to be fine. She has been in great spirits and eats more and more each day. She is loving the sardines, steak, roast, cottage cheese, etc…

She is not too happy when mom puts that yucky flax seed oil in the cottage cheese… We are working with other ideas in getting her to take flax seed, such a spoiled girl… 🙂

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3 Responses to “She still surprises us….”

  1. jakesmom Says:

    Yay Shilo for protecting her chickens from that mean dog! ha! ha! Sounds like she really is feeling good!

    That sucks about your neighbors dog killing your poor chickens. Are they going to do anything about it? I find that fences make better neighbors…

    Jake’s Mom

  2. ldillon81 Says:

    Oh my goodness! Keep up the attitude Shilo, it’s awesome! I’m glad to hear she’s doing soooo well…you guys must be overjoyed 🙂

  3. shiloanne Says:

    Jakesmom – No kidding!! There is a fence that boarders the property but, he keeps finding a way around it.

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