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7 Oct 2009

Just got back from the vet

Author: shiloanne | Filed under: Uncategorized

We just got back from the vet where they checked her white count. It came back GREAT!!! Yeah… So I geuss it will be back to chemo in 2 weeks.  They did say that her hematocrit (HCT) was high and asked if she was drinking a lot. I told them no more then normal… They said for her to increase more water if possible… I am not sure what that means but am googling it as we speak. At least what a high HCT indicates that is.

She is still eating and playing as normal. So I am thinking I shouldn’t worry…. but I do….

4 Responses to “Just got back from the vet”

  1. jakesmom Says:

    Yay! That’s great news!! A high hematocit usually means that an animal is dehydrated… so the red blood cells are more concentrated. If she doesn’t want to drink extra… then just add water or chicken broth to her food, so she can get the extra hydration…

    Jake’s Mom

  2. jerry Says:


    Oh, increasing water is easy, just like what Jake says. Some low-sodium chicken broth, maybe ice cubes for a treat, or even a little gatorade in her water dish, will help.

    Paws up on the great report card!

  3. admin Says:

    No you shouldn’t worry, and stop shoulding on yourself! 😉

  4. Polo Says:

    Hi – Thanks for the comment. I’ve been trying to figure out this Blog action (Web-challenged) but I’m gettting there. Shilo is a sweetie–glad the recent vet trip was good-to-go. Rocco is a mix–German Shepherd maybe?

    And yes, they are way better at this than we are. Polo just wants to get back to his routine–leaves the worrying to us.

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