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18 Oct 2009

10/9/09 Was Shilo’s 1 Month Amp-a-versary

Author: shiloanne | Filed under: Uncategorized

Wow!!  Shilo’s 1 month amp came and passed in a blink… She is still doing great… We go in for her 2nd round of chemo and her x-rays this Wednesday. Please all keep their paws crossed for us. Well, I have a video of Shilo doing her singing for everyone Mom just needs to figure out how to get it on here…

LOL… Darn land line is not helping… We are doing the cottage cheese and lots of sardines. I can’t seem to find what I can put the flax seed oil in to get her to eat it.  Any ideas?? Let me know. She has always been a bit finicky about what she will eat and since her amp she has been more so then before.

The only other thing that I seem to notice is she must be having a lot of ghost pains, lately I have caught her trying to lick her leg. She has been doing it more and more, so I plan to mention this to her oncologist when we go in Wednesday.

Everyday we see her here as a blessing to our family, and we will continue to cherish every moment we get to spend… 🙂

Girl has become so camera shy....

Girl has become so camera shy....

Running through the yard

Running through the yard

5 Responses to “10/9/09 Was Shilo’s 1 Month Amp-a-versary”

  1. horacia Says:

    Hi Shilo!
    That’s the spirit!!! Go, go, go! Keep the good recovery up!
    Lots of good wishes from down south.

    Wish we had the same luck as you do… enjoy every minute!
    Spirit Hori and Cecilia

  2. jackcrowder Says:

    Congratulations on the ampuversary! What a beautiful girl!

    Here’s hoping everything goes great on Wednesday!

    Shelby’s mom and dad

  3. romeo2 Says:

    Congratulations Shilo and family! She looks like such a sweetie.
    Tazzie dog (ask a vet) could tell you the exact med–I think it’s
    garbentin/garpentin? but people here have had success w/ it
    for phantom leg pain. Take care, Eve and Romeo

  4. jakesmom Says:

    Happy 1 month ampuversary Shilo!!!

    Jake also just had his 1 month ampuversary yesterday! He celebrated by going swimming…

    Can’t wait to see and hear the video of Shilo singing!!! If you’re not sure how to do it, I’m sure that Jerry’s dad will help… Hurry up! We all wanna see Shilo in her singing debut!!!!

    Jake’s Mom

  5. wyattraydawg Says:

    Wow has it been a whole month? You too Jake? Congratulations to you both! We need all the good news and celebrating we can get. Pawty on!

    Meanwhile, about the flax oil…just mix it into the cottage cheese directly. That’s what my Mom did for Jerry. See if she’ll eat it that way. Good luck.

    Oh, one more thing, the video clip…check out the Technical Support Forums, Dad just posted some uploading tips.

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