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21 Oct 2009

2nd Chemo & 1st Chest X-Rays

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Well, we had an exceptional day today!!! We were up and out the door to Oregon State University Vet Hospital at 7:30 AM. Shilo enjoys the drive but, the minute we hit the exit you can see she knows where she is going. She starts getting a little more anxious and hyped out the closer we get.

We dropped her off with the oncologist who explains we are doing the x-rays today, and if her Blood count is good will continue with the chemo treatment. We head back to pick her up at 3:30pm all excited to get our baby back, but nervous about the tests today. The vet calls as I am on the road to give us the news.

1st they took her weight, she gained 3 pounds since her last visit!! YEAH!! She lost so much after the amputation. Her coat is looking so shinny and she is starting to fill back out a little more.. Mom is going to have to start watching what she eats here pretty soon.. That will be nice for a change.

Just came home from chemo

Just came home from chemo

Her white count although on the lower end of 3799 they went ahead with the chemo today.(Normally she has been running in the 5000’s. Both before her 1st treatment and a week after treatment it was around 5200. Her red count went back up to normal range, her platelets were good, and they did a renal profile all within normal reference range.. YEAH!!

The x-rays were resulted as No evidence of pulmonary metastasis (WOOHOO!!)

The oncologist was impressed and very pleased with how well she is getting around, stating that she was pulling him all over the yard and chased a squirrel (hehehe).

The only thing that I can say is different this time is she seems a bit sicker then the 1st treatment. I think though that it might me the white count difference(?).  Her first treatment resulted in a decrease in appitite and slight loose stools. This time she puked up a little, and seems to have very loose stools.  After my update I will go through the blogs to see what I might be able to give her to feel a little better. The vet gave her Dolasetron at the hospital and sent us with Maropitant to start tomorrow. I gave her some cottage cheese and liquids. At present though she is comfortably resting on the floor next to her dad. 🙂

We are so happy and blessed with the results!! So happy we cried and thanked God for helping our baby girl!!

7 Responses to “2nd Chemo & 1st Chest X-Rays”

  1. admin Says:

    An exceptional day indeed! FYI: Canned pumpkin (plain, not spiced) works wonders for the runs.

  2. jakesmom Says:

    Yay! Congratulations on making it through the 2nd chemo… and the x-rays being clear! Definitely something to celebrate! Hope that the pumpkin works some wonders for Shilo’s ‘splats’! Good to here that Shilo took the vet for a spin while chasing a squirrel!! ha! ha! That means she was feelin’ good!!! Yah baby!!!

    Jake’s Mom

  3. cynp Says:

    Hi Shilo and Shilo’s mom,

    I just read Shilo’s story and I could not resist a response to the latest post as the expression on Shilo’s face is so similar to that of Finnigan’s at times.

    I am glad to hear that she is resting comfortably as this encourages us ‘parents’ to rest at ease as well and all this peace and rest is great for good health.

    It sounds as though Shilo has a similar in eating habits to Fin. Fin has always been a particular eater and now, well … it is an experiment every day to see what he may be interested in. His appetite over the past few days has not been much, it sounds as though Shilo may have been the same as you mentioned she lost weight. This evening I tried something new again, brown rice with a little cubed hare in it. I offered it to him and up went the nose so as a last option I offered some of my sister’s left over slow cooker roast and he wanted it!! He ate a large portion and then progressed to eat a whole bowl full of the rice mixture.

    I am so happy to know that he has some nurishment in him again, and the it hit me maybe it was the salt in the roast that made it more alluring to him. How much salt does a dog need in its diet? I had been offering him raw, wild meat that obviously had no salt in it.

    Any how I see that part of Shilo’s diet is roast, are you serving it to her raw or cooked? And how are you including the cottage cheese, does she like it straight up?

    Thanks for sharing and lots of dog light your way,

    Cyn and Fin

  4. shiloanne Says:

    Cyn and Fin –

    It does sound like we have a lot in common.. 🙂 Shilo’s 2nd day included no eating at all, we couldn’t find anything to appease her. Of course later in the evening she got sick a few times, so we weren’t too concerned. She was drinking good thankgoodness. Yesterday day 3 she only ate maybe a piece of cheese (one of her fav’s), some sliced roast, and a hot dog. 🙂 So I am sure today will be something different.

    I have given her any raw meats they are always cooked. I have thought about it though. Since she is doing chemo right now the raw diet is not an option though.

    On the cottage cheese she loves it plain, well when she is in the mood. Most of the time I can get her to eat it about every other day. Same with sardines someday are easier then others getting her to eat them.

    I would love to swap recipes as we go along figuring out what our babies will eat.

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