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22 Nov 2009

74 Days…..

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Still living each moment, each day to its fullest!! Loving my baby girl & sharing her moments with those who love her just as much!  Thanks all for the support through the good and not so good times. Here are pics from the park  🙂  At the park

My ears flappin in the wind...

Come on lets go...

Her love of the lazer light game –

Shilo Getting her laser light

My favorite expression, just look at those ears….

Just look at those ears... Soooo cute!!

I just love my toys

1 of my many toys ( I love my toys!!)

Such a sleepy girl…..

ah... the sleepy girl!!

7 Responses to “74 Days…..”

  1. jakesmom Says:

    I just love seeing all the photos of Shilo! She looks like such a happy dog… Love the pict with her ears up… what an expressive and beautiful face!!

    Happy 74 days… and may she have many, many more!!!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  2. Tazzie Says:

    Hi Sis

    Looks like you are competing with Caira Sue for title of ‘bat girl’. She roosts upside down but you have the wings, I mean ears!

    Love from Big Bro

  3. Emilysmom Says:

    I can’t believe how mucn Shilo liiks like Emily. We always called Emily a doberman mix but Wow! What an absolute beauty,

    Debra & Angel Emily

  4. cairasue Says:

    Sounds like we need a “who has the cutest ears” competition! Haha. Actually, Shilo would win in the black and shiny category. I love the expression in the sleepy picture. It just makes you wanna get down and do a bit of cuddling with her! Glad to see you are out enjoying the fall!

  5. Peyton's Path Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Shilo has a great set of ears.

    Laser light game is fun! It makes my brother nuts. Shilo looks like she really enjoys life right now!

  6. jakesmom Says:

    Rest in peace sweet Shilo! You will be so missed but never forgotten!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  7. jakesmom Says:

    My heart breaks for you when I look at these last pictures of Shilo… I know you and your family must be having a difficult time this Thanksgiving… So are we… 🙁

    But know that our hearts and our prayers are with you during this sad time… and you can be thankful that Shilo had such a wonderful life with you, until the end!!!


    Angel Jake’s Mom

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